Welcome to: Cabinet - Deceitful - Tactics!
We hereby instruct the SENATE to instigate a 'Full Blown Senate Inquiry' to have 'fully investigated' & to 'fully establish':
          Why is Cabinet deceit, fraud & dishonour still being
            perpetrated to keep defrauding Kenneth-Clyde Ivory?       
          Why was deceit & fraud perpetrated & why have materially
           fraudulent misrepresentations been bogusly made & sworn  
           by officers of the Commonwealth to defraud Kenneth-C. IVORY?

Why is it that 'Cabinet Members' have engaged in 'criminal intent' by closing their wilfully blind-eyes for the last 23 Years of 'Public Funding' misuses and abuses of wasted public funds misused to strategically keep inflicting ADDITIONAL undue Loss, Injury & Damage on Kenneth-Clyde Ivory; and to 'Predatorily Sabotage' and to 'Secondary Boycott' Kenneth-Clyde Ivory's life, livli-hoods, family & his Solar-Mesh Business' in 93 Peace Treaty Countries; and to corruptly and falsely commit wilful perjury by officers of the Commonwealth by wilfully retaining corrupt Mallesons Stephen Jaques (MSJ) dual income lawyers to strategically keep perverting and defeating the course of justice by misacting with absolutely no seperations of powers to falsey and maliciously destroy the corporate name of: KENNETH CLYDE IVORY?

Why did 'Cabinet Members' as Elected & Honourable Officers of the Commonwealth wilfully have disclosed in 1997 that only five (5) Casualties of Telecom ('CoT') or CoT related Victims were all that was still outstanding with only a total combined outstanding Quantum of Liability Owing' of purportedly $27.7 million dollars; while illegally ensuring to dishonestly  conceal by wilfully 'Omitting' to disclose Telstra  shares 'Encumberances' to conceal and omit disclosing a Materially'Substancially Much Larger fully outstanding CoT Quantum of Liability as was and as is in 2017  still accruing and still fully owing' to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory; but

   Members and by their Telstra Board  Non-Elected officers of the Commonwealth
   colluding with their retainer bribed CoT mishandling legal advisory firms to wilfully
   omitt to disclose the much more Substantive liability which in 2017 is still accruing;

 * still is fully owing to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory, as accruing since 1993; but was NOT and
   is NOT Cabinet Member or TELSTRA BOARD Member disclosed within any of the
   Commonwealth of Australia's T1, T2 & T3 Telstra Share Float Disclosure purported
   prospectuses'; thereby 

 * resulting in their collusive crimes of Insider Trading and MARKET MANIPULATION
   FRAUDS to procure the stacked and rigged much higher share prices as obtained,
   which may be deemed to be FUTURE FUND procured and held proceeds of crimes?

      Cabinet Members Tactics & Deceitful Frauds!

The Exposed SCANDELOUS BUT Actual Facts Are: ......