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It is Our Will that the Hon. President of the SENATE of the
Commonwealth of Australia does honourably & immediately
instigate & have held a "Full Blown - Senate Inquiry"
into the severe matters as in good faith are herein outlined: ...

      Why are 2018 Cabinet-Members engaged in ongoing
      deceit, fraud & dishonour is it to aid & abet their prior
      Cabinet-Members 2006 acts of corrupt insider trading &
      market manipulation frauds perpetrated by Treasurer
      Peter Costello MP stacking & rigging ASIC to conceal &
      not reveal their indictable stock market omission crimes?

       Is this why Cabinet-Members are ignoring this matter 
       is to also conceal prior crimes willfully committed on the 
       23 December 1996 by a solicitor employed as a Telstra
       in-house officer of the Commonwealth of Australia. While 
       at the same time Stephen John Mead also was a corrupt
       partner within the Telstra retained & hence public funded
       law firm of Mallesons Stephen Jaques ("MSJ") now known
       as King & Wood Mallesons ("KWM")?

Before the systemic 1800 number fault was locate in the exchange & then network conditioned in the exchange on the 31 May 1994 after Telecom's directories lady June Hatton had on 11 May 1994 advised Ivory that his Solar-Mesh (R) businesses 1800 777 592 number was still a deadline when dialled.

Why on the 15 May 1994 was the very corrupt & dishonest Stephen John Mead a MSJ lawyer employed in & by Telstra as an officer of the Commonwealth of Australia to  specifically mishandle the 1800 777 592 number's systemic fault matter?

Why was MEAD employed & why was the MSJ retained after Telstra found it was still a deadline, but, from before the fault was located?

       Why was STEPHEN JOHN MEAD strategically positioned & why
       is Stephen Mead ever since 1996 been politically protected
       was he protected so that they would unlawfully & dishonestly
       keep corruptly ignoring Mead & MSJ indictable crimes, to also
       continue to keep defrauding their victim Kenneth-Clyde Ivory?       
These Actual Facts as outlined & exposed to YOU the stacked & rigged corrupt corporate, legal profession, political, judicial & regulators malicious & dishonestly collusive  corruption & misconduct, which is treasonous & SCANDALOUSLY unconscionable fraud & deception.

          Why was misconduct perpetrated intentionally & why
          have materially Fraudulent Misrepresentations been
          bogusly made-up & sworn under the penalty of perjury 
          by competing loyalties, without penalty enforcements 
          & thereby are still being by Cabinet-Members protected 
          by corrupt conflicts of  interests of Telstra retained MSJ
          lawyers who approached stood-over & corruptly induced
          Finance Departmental officers of the Commonwealth in 2009 
          to willfully perjurer themselves to destroy KENNETH IVORY?

Please consider why it is that consecutive government's since 1993 to 2018 from both sides of politics via their revolving governments Cabinet-Members have known & do each politically currently know about all the  dishonesty of still undisclosed "very stock market price sensitive" Commonwealth Casualty of Telecom ("CoT") debt that is now an overdue National debt of the Commonwealth of Australia because this was the only CoT matter that has not ever  been global stock market disclosed to investors & was concealed by Cabinet-Member's in 1997, 1999 & 2006 during each of the three (3) Commonwealth Telstra alleged privatisation global share floats.

Hence, this price sensitive Commonwealth CoT matter remains by misconduct by Cabinet-Members of the Crown to still be global stock market omitted from all public & investor disclosures & is concealed from being disclosed as a contingent liability, but, they as Cabinet-Members are unconscionably ignoring these herein exposed facts, & that are still being ignored by those Cabinet-Members who predominately are unconstitutionally lawyers by trade; but, who are not qulified as Notary Publics.

Hence, while those Cabinet-Members are engaged in such unconscionable misconduct in public office this National debt has additionally accrued while some Cabinet-Members were dishonestly in ineligible political positions.  Therefore were by perjury illegally  in very high public office positions of trust sitting as if validly sitting while treasonously masquerading in public office as officers  of the Crown. But, masquaring in office while unconstitutionally doing so dishonestly, despite some as lawyers or as Accountants  & they do not have the required knowledge to act in offence of qualified Notary Publics & are not duly authorised to hold office as a Notary Public. 

Therefore the involved Cabinet-Members did & do lack the necessary powers, & have no valid authority or any capacity to not comply with sealed Notary Public Financial Instuments, as served on each of them.

But, the Cabinet-Members have treasonously ignored numerous senior Notary Publics duly sealed, granted & issued prerogatively furnished orders issued by special powers & authority as duly sealed for and on behalf of Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Lawful Soveriegn of the Commonwealth of Australia as awarded in relation to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory's legally binding set of Financial Instruments awarded, registered & recorded by the Court of Jurisdiction pursuant to the Bills of Exchange Act 1909 (Commonwealth)?

Why are our Cabinet-Members in 2018 unconstitutionally ignoring this CoT matter & why have they chosen to keep engaging in treasonous contempt of the faith of the Crown by ignoring the special powers invested from above the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia by & for Her Royal Majesty invested via the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury via the Court of Faculties Head Office situated in Westminster in London, into the body & powers of Her Royal Majesty's Notary Publics holding office within the Commonwealth of Australia?

The Notarial Court's Head Office is still in Westminster London, but we are stuck with our elected Cabinet-Members whether ineligibly or eligibly elected & who in the majority are not just lawyers, but also have a faith that conflict with the constitutional doctrine of the Crown. But, they are still claiming to be eligible to validly hold public office, while ineligible to hold any constitutional public office of trust.

Is those Cabinet-Member's religious conflicting doctrine to that of the Crown why they as Cabinet-Members are unconscionably engaged in misconduct by unconstitutionally & politically mistreating this CoT victim since 1993 discriminately & unconstitutionally compared to other CoT victims who were each politically commercially paid out in restitution of their property as CoT victim's right back in 1999 to 2003 without any of those paid out CoT victim's having successfully Notarial Protested bill of exchange awards in any of their favours whatsoever?

But instead of complying with the successfully Notarial Protested set of Financial Instruments, unconstitutionally the past Cabinet-Members are now being aided & abetted by current Cabinet-Members who have therefore additionally & treasonously chosen to engage in more ongoing unconstitutional & corporate predatory misconduct covering-up with premeditated criminal intent prior indictable crimes committed by closing they're Cabinet-Members & ASIC's willfully blind-eyes to ingnore the last 24 Years of abuses of 'Public Funding' as funding had been for decades continually approved by financial officers of the Crown implicated in funding also corrupt bribes paid to the SECOND HIGHEST LAW OFFICER in the State of Queensland from about late 1999.  PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC is further rewarded by rapid political elevations & KEANE taints the HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA.

Thereby a total waste of public funds has been willfully misused to keep inflicting more & more wasted public funds that has been misused to strategically keep inflicting ADDITIONAL undue loss, injury  & damage to strategically, harm & defraud Kenneth-Clyde Ivory & his family, by Cabinet-Members ignoring this matter by abuse of powers to keep concealng the major "price sensitive" 1800 prefix systemic fault liabilities owing to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory as are accruing until satisfied.

The facts are it is unconstitutional & is dishonest for any government's Cabinet-Member who have kept unconsionably choosing to ingnore this CoT victims rights & entitelments to resititution of property. By Cabinet-Members treasonously ignoring this CoT victim's matter that they politically in abuses of powers have corruptly aided & abetted in harbouring the cartel of white-collar-criminal's, dual income frauds.

Cabinet-Members ignoring this CoT victim, they as officers of the Crown dishonestly & unlawfully are willfully concealing how officers of the Commonwealth have acted illegally & are still being protected by their prior Cabinet-Members who were dishonestly involved in condoning such targeted & corrupt insider trading misconduct & corrupt white-collar misbehaviour that was willfully & unlawfully committed as forms of dishonest "predatory sabotage" & third party "predatory boycotting" of Kenneth-Clyde Ivory's life, family & lively-hoods, committed strategically to maliciously destroy KENNETH CLYDE IVORY & the Solar-Mesh(R) Businesses, Ivory & family had founded in 1983, which from 1994 had Patent Protections in all 93 Peace Treaty Countries for Ivory's market fruition proven latter inventions.

Why was such preditory crimes committed to unconstitutionally force having Ivory's life's work, & his global markets succesful Inventions Patents removed prematurely from registrations in all 93 Peace Treaty Countries by Telstra officers of the Commonwealth of Australia frauds?

Why else has such predatory boycotting crimes been engaged by abuses of the then market monopoly of the Commonwealth's agency Telstra's withdrawals of all of Ivory's Solar-Mesh businesses relied on complete telecommunication services to stop cashflows to defraud?  

Why were these outlined facts committed by abuse of public funds?

Who kept authorising for the public funding to falsely be misused to pay retainer bribes via Telstra to have wilful crimes of fraud & perjury perpetrated unlawfully to defraud this CoT victim & his businesses?

Was it John Stanhope who is responsible for continually approving public funding of their Telstra officer's of the Commonwealth's funded indictable crimes as committed against the physical body of Kenneth-Clyde Ivory as their human targeted CoT victim, as then John Stanhope was the Chief Financial Officer of Telstra & a Telstra board member?

John Stanhope now is the Chairman of "Australia Post" appointed & elevated politically by way of yet another political reward.  If John Stanhope is responsible then why is John Stanhope still at large & not yet investigated, charged & or not yet indicted by the AFP officers?

Why was  the indictable crimes of STEPHEN JOHN MEAD authorised, pulic funded & unlawfully & frauduently committed by perjury on the part of partners of MSJ & on the part of officers of the Commonwealth on the 23 December 1996, when falsely committed in the name of Telstra without MEAD having the necessary Telstra Board resolution to be capable of ever suportting the content & context of the bogus false & materially false alleged Complaint as sworn maliciously by MEAD? 

Also who authorised for dual competing loyalty  incomes of corrupt officers of the Commonwealth to occur while also partners in the Telstra retained crooked Mallesons Stephen Jaques (MSJ) partnership with conflicting loyalty dual incomes  to in this CoT victim's matter keep strategically perverting & defeating the course of justice in total abuse of legal process by officers of the courts misacting dishonestly & with absolutely no seperations of powers to maliciously destroy the corporate name of: KENNETH CLYDE IVORY? 

Why are those criminals still at large & not AFP charged yet?

Cabinet-Members of the Crown are elected & gave oath's to be at all times nothing but honourable, trustworthy, & honest servants to we the people, as public funded officers of the Commonwealth, are they not?  Then why are Cabinet-Members not protecting this CoT victim?

Cabinet-Members of the Crown in 1997 willfully have had global stock market disclosed asserting that only five (5) Casualties of Telecom ('CoT') or CoT related Victims were all that was still outstanding with only a total combined outstanding Quantum of Liability owing' of purportedly only AUD 27.7 million dollars. 

But, $27.7 million between Five (5) CoT victims was not & is not a price sensitive sum amount & therefore was only disclosed to mislead & deceive investors, by at the same time Cabinet-Members & MSJ partners colluded & willfully failed to disclose this price sensitive sum amount owing to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory, the only omitted CoT matter.

Cabinet-Members of the Crown knowingly & illegally ensured to dishonestly conceal the National debt owing to this CoT victim by them willfully engaging in omitting to NOT disclose  additionally that Telstra had another outstanding additional CoT liability owing that is this CoT's very price sensitive National debt owed as is also share dividend officially recorded & duly assigned share encumbrances recorded over the Commonwealth's Telstra three shares, plus a court recorded lien over those held Telstra three float shares ; but Cabinet-Members concealed & omitted to market disclose these outstanding CoT encumberances over all Telstra three shares concealed by Cabinet-Members & by MSJ partners to dishonestly prevent publishing any stock market disclosures of this still accruing, materially very price sensitive but, fully outstanding CoT Quantum of Liability owing & in 2018 is still accruing until paid in paid to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory.

WHY IS THIS CoT MATTER STILL NOT DISCLOSED BY CABINET-MEMBER'S TO THE GLOBAL STOCK MARKETS by or via their hand picked Telstra Board or by its officers of the Commonwealth & or by Non-Elected officers of the Commonwealth? w

Why did each Cabinet-Member colluded with their retainer bribed CoT mishandling MSJ partnership's legal advisory firms & who allowed MSJ partners to be also employed inside Telstra as officers of the Commonwealth to wilfully ensure to hide & omit to disclose this very price sensitive much more substantive liability; which in 2018 is still accruing as now a direct National debt of the Commonwealth of Australia a sovereign debt owing to CoT victim Kenneth-Clyde Ivory?

Cabinet-Members even in 2018 are refusing to explain why was Eight (8) other CoT victims paid out in restitution of their property in 1999 to 2003 with politically assistance to be paid from public funds?

As those payments paid out in 1999 to 2003 alone does raise real concerns as to specifically why is it politically discriminately still occurring that just Kenneth-Clyde Ivory as a valid CoT victim from 1993 is the sole known CoT from 1993 who in 2018 remains the only CoT that has not been paid anything in restitution of his property as a CoT victim, so why is this CoT victim not also paid out yet in 2018?

Thereby that above question does further evidence serious predatorily targeting of Kenneth-Clyde Ivory the Man, by past & present Cabinet-Members still abusing their positions of power & trust to protect corrupt officers of the Commonwealth who's misconduct for decades is malicious criminal intents on their parts by predatory boycotting & corrupt white-collar-crimes being still committed by Cabinet-Members who still have failed in their duties to have AFP investigations & failures to yet have a Full Blown Senate Inquiry held into this CoT matter, but, the other CoTs were given Senate Estimates help in 1997.

Why was Kenneth-Clyde Ivory's CoT victim matter targeted & singled out politically to not get global stock market disclosed in the 1997, 1999 & 2006 Commonwealth Telstra share float prospectuses why was it omitted from disclosure to the global stock markets & why was the ASX, ASIC, ACCC & ACMA stacked & rigged ready for the 2006 Telstra three share float  because of collusive crimes by Cabinet-Members having therefore committed dishonest & perhaps organised crimes & indictable INSIDER TRADING & MARKET MANIPULATION FRAUDS?

Why was the ASX, ASIC, ACCC & ACMA stacked & rigged with Ex-MSJ people, & were they stacked & rigged to willfully conceal & hide that the Cabinet-Members, the Telstra Board & MSJ partner's collusive global stock market omission frauds were masterminded by dishonesty on the part of Cabinet-Members who formerly were MSJ lawyers before politics & then in abuse of public office engaged in such frauds to achieve the much higher share sale prices as obtained, which may be deemed to be FUTURE FUND procured & withheld proceeds of crimes?

From: Kenneth Ivory
Sent: Monday, November 13, 2017 12:51 PM
To: [email protected]
Cc: Kenneth-Clyde Ivory
Subject: Questions to ask of Attorney-General George Brandis.
Dear Senator Carr,
Will you please asked Senator George Brandis for me in the Senate
during this sitting week these questions.
My main question is:

Given the High Court has now found that Senators Joyce and Parry were never validly elected. Therefore both were not ever validly elected back in 2004. So given that the Telstra 3 Share Float Legislation was passed by only one (1) vote using their two (2) invalid votes, based on their ineligibility. Does the Attorney-General agree that the Telstra 3 Share Float Legislation in the Senate was and is thereby now invalid?

My Supplementary Questions are about what the Government needs to do without further delays are:

a. Suspend Trading and report it to ASX/NYSX and the LDSX etc?

b. Commence a Buy-Back at Issue Price $7.20?

c. Will the T3 share Buy-Back have any implications for the NBN roll out by say not having to buy-back the Telstra network, given that now the majority owner ship will be back in control of the Commonwealth via the buy-back of all Telstra three (3) shares as invalidly sold, without any valid legislation ever being passed?

d. Will the NBN billions of dollars in fees not now need to still be paid to Telstra for its network, now that the majority Telstra shares are to be fully bought back, and will those billions of fees no longer be payable by the government or via NBN to Telstra, now that Telstra will be back in majority government control by all of the Telstra 3 shares having to be fully brought-back by the Commonwealth? 

e.  Will the government next time around be ensuing to eligibly and thereby validly PRIVATISE Telstra?

f.    Or will Telstra and the NBN be privatised together as one package, with all outstanding Casualty of Telstra liabilities & encumbrances and with all NBN victims liabilities being this time each fully disclosed before any global floats occur via the global stock markets?

Below is my reason for these questions, will you also please ensure to have this full email printed out and TABLED in the Senate during this sitting week?
I thank you Senator in anticipation of that you will now comply honourably with my will, as herein in good faith noticed and requested of you.When questions have been asked will you then please kindly provide me an email copy of that section of Senate Hansard, questions
and answers, to me at: [email protected]   
Honourable and Sincerely,
Kenneth-Clyde Ivory.
Email: [email protected]
Mob:  0405 122 560



The accuracy & integrity of LEGISLATION are matters of public interest & importance.

The HCA decisions render the SENATE must reverse or get reversed the INVALID TELSTRA PRIVATISATION LEGISLATION & BUY-BACK the INVALIDLY sold Telstra three (3) SHARES.

On the 13.11.2017 the SENATE members who are elected eligible must place a Global Stock Market TRADING HALT on all Telstra share trading until the BUY-BACK is completed.

Section 61 of the Commonwealth Constitution provides as follows:
The executive power of the Commonwealth is vested in the Queen and is exercisable by the Governor-General as the Queen's representative, and extends to the execution and maintenance of this Constitution, and of the laws of the Commonwealth.

We INFORM, NOTICE, and REMIND each SENATOR in good faith that on the 27.10.2017 based on the High Court of Australia (HCA) decisions. The HCA has dismissed Mr Barnaby Joyce, and Mr Stephen Parry has since agreed they were at all material times both ineligible to be Senators and Mr Joyce was an ineligible Member of Parliament, from July 2005 forward, rendering the TELSTRA FULL PRIVATISATION LEGISLATION bill to be INVALID.

The HCA decisions have rendered that Mr Joyce & Mr Parry were both ineligible to vote in the Senate. That HCA decision further now proves that the Telstra three (3) share sale float & its FUTURE FUND balance of subsequent first in escrow released ‘encumbered’ share sales were & are each invalid sales. Given, that Mr Barnaby Joyce & Mr Stephen Parry were both ineligible to hold any office of the Crown. Therefore both of their illegal TELSTRA FULL PRIVATISATION LEGISLATION bill's votes were given INVALIDLY by being ineligible to be Senators, were & are INVALID vote’s at all material times given by both.

Thereby the TELSTRA FULL PRIVATISATION LEGISLATION bill was not & is not valid, & that INVALID & false TELSTRA FULL PRIVATISATION LEGISLATION bill on public records must be corrected forthwith by the Senate on 13.11.2017 as is at the first available date & time.

Mr Barnaby Joyce & Mr Stephen Parry were & are technically imposters who ineligibly misled & passed themselves off; Mr Joyce as a Member of Parliament & Mr Joyce & Mr Parry as Senators originally from July 2005 to October 2017.  They falsely claimed to be eligible & valid Commonwealth public officials & both initially in 2005 were illegitimate Senators of the Crown. While ineligible they engaged in forms of market insider trading & market manipulation frauds. The 27.10.2017 HCA decisions do now render that Mr Joyce & Mr Parry by his admissions were akin to having engaged in criminal acts & both were not even unelected departmental & or agency’s officers of the Commonwealth.

Mr Joyce was corruptly implicated in an abuse of powers to conceal this ‘price sensitive’ global stock market disclosure omitted Commonwealth Casualty of Telstra (“CoT”) matter to overinflate the Commonwealth’s Telstra three float share sale prices procured.
QUOTE: Timing of telecommunications legislation

* 2.16 The Government's preferred position regarding timing involves the passage of the privatisation legislation (the Bill) prior to the detail of the post-1997 arrangements being available, with the expectation that the legislation proposing those arrangements would be passed prior to the finalisation of the privatisation process.

* 2.17 In response to a question from the Committee as to whether the post-1997 regulatory arrangements should be passed by the Parliament prior to the passage of the Telstra Bill, Mr Stevens, Secretary of the Department of Communications and the Arts, commented:

                        * .... I think what we are saying is that, prior to   
                          actually selling any shares in Telstra, that legislation  
                          should be available for potential investors. Indeed, I
                          think it is necessary that they have that information.

The Committee considers that legislation should not only be 'available' but that it should have passed into law, and been operative for a considerable period of time before any consideration be given to selling any part of Telstra. QUOTES END.

The ongoing various political parties' previously concealed citizenship scandals have now added Mr John Alexander to a list of people who constitutionally had ignored, not taken notice of, breached, & had unconstitutionally not complied with the Constitution.

That same Commonwealth Constitution belongs to we the people, and that requires federal compliance at all times as it is a binding Commonwealth Constitution that has HCA removed some of those proven people who were unconstitutional imposters.  Who before politics repugnantly failed to do their due diligence and had stuck their noses up by ignoring the Commonwealth Constitution to be able to illegally profit from the public purse in breach of Laws defined in the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia. Those imposters included the ineligible Barnaby Joyce, Stephen Parry, Fiona Nash, Scott Ludlum, & Larissa Waters & Malcolm Roberts, with perhaps several more to be removed.

Plus maybe decades of prior imposters to yet be also investigated & punished by law.

We are focusing herein on the last twelve (12+) years of repeated perjury by Mr Joyce & by Mr Parry. Thereby both ineligibly masqueraded as being eligible & valid officers of the Crown.  The HCA decisions established they are ineligible. Their misconduct is illegal & they rorted, misused & illegally abused Commonwealth public funds, assets, & other publicly funded perks in contravention of the laws governing their proceeds of crimes. 

Mr Joyce & Mr Parry have kept passing themselves off as eligible & valid Commonwealth officials repeatedly over twelve (12+) years. While at all real times were ineligible & invalid imposters. Mr Joyce & Mr Parry were both corruptly milking public funds while incompetent & unlawfully doing so. The HCA has found against them for having ineligibly acted in an offence of Section 44 of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia.

The Howard Coalition Government had in 2006 a burning desire that perhaps was also in the offence of the Commonwealth Constitution by engaging in the now HCA invalid Full Privatisation of the people’s telecommunications services via Telstra.

That privatisation task resulted in needing Barnaby Joyce to cast his crucial passing vote much to the then disgust of Liberal colleagues like former Treasurer Peter Costello, (Costello now a cushy positioned invalid share proceeds custodian at the FUTURE FUND holding proceeds of ineligibly committed share sale crimes) needed Mr Joyce’s Senate Vote. The Howard Coalition Government has NOT received any valid votes from Mr Joyce or Mr Parry. The Howard Government got INVALID votes from Mr Joyce & Mr Parry.

Thereby the Commonwealth has an INVALID TELSTRA FULL PRIVATISATION LEGISLATION bill. The HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA (“HCA”) on the 27.10.2017 under the Commonwealth's Constitution’s Section 44 gave the HCA's unanimous full bench decisions. HCA decision is against Mr Joyce rendering Mr Barnaby Joyce, & now Mr Stephen Parry has since admitted to thereby both having been ineligible & invalid to even ever stand for election in the Senate from right back in 2004 to 2017, is misconduct. 
So both Mr Joyce & Mr Parry were invalidly elected from well before they had perjured themselves by then ineligibly swearing treasonously false oaths asserting that they were eligible, while ineligible & was sworn by them under the penalty of perjury from July 2005.


Because both of the Howard Coalition’s imposters Mr Barnaby Joyce and Mr Stephen Parry were both ineligible to be elected as Senators of the Commonwealth of Australia & thereby were ineligible to vote on any LEGISLATION bill at all times from July 2005 to 2017. 

Mr Joyce & Mr Parry’s TELSTRA FULL PRIVATISATION LEGISLATION bill’s votes were & are ineligible & are INVALID, rendering the LEGISLATIONS bill also INVALID, which makes the Commonwealth's Telstra three (3) shares ILLEGALLY sold & are INVALID share sales.

The MAJORITY of the SENATE’S votes left rejected the LEGISLATION bill. On recounts the SENATE rejected the TELSTRA FULL PRIVATISATION LEGISLATION bill, rendering it INVALID.

All of the TELSTRA THREE (3) SHARE SALES were ineligible sales when sold based on the 27.10.2017 HCA decisions of ineligibility of Mr Joyce & now of Mr Parry. 

So the entire TELSTRA THREE (3), SHARE SALE FLOAT was constitutionally unlawful & is illegally an INVALID Telstra share sales apart from the additional fact the Commonwealth’s Telstra shares are ‘price sensitive’ ‘share encumbered’ before the TELSTRA FULL PRIVATISATION LEGISLATION was additionally INVALIDLY voted on by Mr Joyce.

Mr Joyce since June 2006 was concealing share sale ‘price sensitive’ ‘share encumbrances’ of mine to dishonestly & has intentionally misled the Senate, while Mr Joyce was masquerading as a valid Senator, while engaged in stock market insider trading & market manipulation frauds. A maximum Penalty for each charge is imprisonment for 5 years and/or pecuniary penalty.

The Commonwealth must immediately set-in-train to now forthwith buy-back all Telstra three (3) shares at no less than the price the shares were INVALIDLY & were illegally sold for in 2006. Penalty for insider trading is imprisonment for 10 years and or hefty fines.

In the interim global stock market TELSTRA share trading halt needs to be IMMEDIATELY announced by the Senate this week in Senate sittings on 13.11.2017 until all is remedied.

A Trading Halt must occur to stop all Telstra share trades until all Telstra three (3) shares have been repurchased by or for the Commonwealth of Australia or via its FUTURE FUND.

I, Kenneth-Clyde Ivory, am a Telstra Share Holder, a witness, the herein informant as a Commonwealth Casualty of Telecom (CoT) victim. Also a ‘price sensitive’ Creditor of the Commonwealth of Australia & of its foreign corporatised COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA (the “Addressee”). I am the “Beneficiary” & “Holder” of a Successfully Notarial Protested Bill of Exchange & of its set of Global Stock Market disclosure ‘price sensitive’ ‘National debts’, as politically & corporately willfully omitted from all global stock market disclosure in all three Telstra floats. Is a Victim of bullying & dishonesty by Mr Barnaby Joyce in 2006, while Mr Joyce an imposter dishonestly was defrauding my family & me by misconduct of masquerading as a valid Senator when invalid on the part of Mr Joyce.

              Honourable and Sincerely,
              by Kenneth-Clyde Ivory,
In care: P.O. Box 403 Geelong, Geelong City, Victoria. 3220
Mob:     0405 122 560 - Email:    [email protected]

      Cabinet Members Tactics & Deceitful Frauds!

The Exposed SCANDELOUS BUT Actual Facts Are: ......